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Personalized Photo Fleece Throw Blanket. The Color Fleece Photo Throw is a gift for any occasions, weather it's for a wedding, anniversary, pet, graduation, baby or baby announcement or just want to have a keepsake throw of you or your family. The Color Fleece Photo Throw can have your favorite photograph or logo or any picture knitted into a soft lush unique and breath taking throw made from minky yarn cotton. The image is professionally printed into the blanket, so the image will not fade with time or washing. All throws are Machine Washable and guaranteed not to fad or bleed. The Photo Throw comes in several sizes for you to choose starting from: 30x40, 40x60. Production Time: 10 Days


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by Memi Crez
on 10/18/2011
5 Stars I love Realistic Photo Reproduction Very Soft
This is Christmas Gift I had to get them now early. I had no ideal to clean up my photo. I was happy that some on is on demand or staff to fix & work on my photo. After my order I sent my photo my e-mail. I did not know how to use the uploader. So I order with out the photo. I sent it later in the few hours. In a few hours after I sent my photo by e-mail. The photo editing team made my photo better. I was able to see my family clearly too. I had all the words added to my throw. I love it the proof the sent me. I had my Photo Blanket rushed order. They are fast my Photo Blanket was done in a few days 6 day it was at my house in a few days. I have my family Christmas Gift. I ordered 2 40x60 & 1 50x60 Photo Blanket. I love the throw it like real too. So soft heavyweight too. Super soft is too fluffy to me. Lightweight & heavyweight throws is better for my family. Super service, fast photo editing & fast rush production. Thanks Christmas 2011
by Lorie Kenson
on 4/15/2011
Perfect Family Gift!! 5Stars Mom Love her Throw
We love our Photo Fleece Blanket. We ordered the 50x60 heavyweight it more thicker and it keep you very warm. The it's so soft, we use it every day. Family loves it. I live in Canada. My mother loves hers so much.:-) I ordered 2 one for me and one for my Mother. We love it so much. The photo reproduction on the throw is so realistic really sharp too. My family is always using my throw. I use it for my reading time and coffee & movie time too. It's a hot gift for anyone. I'm very happy..
by Tina Lamez
on 9/23/2010
I Order My Christmas Gift Now In September
I'm a Christmas Shopper!! I'm a early Shopper too. I say buy it now saves you time. Never wait to late to get your Photo Blanket. I got it fast too. Yes, I had several photos to be added on the throw. I got the big one 50x60 Heavyweight one too, what's a few dollars more for the heavy one. I brought several of them 6 Photo Blankets for me & for several family & friends. I wanted it for Birthdays & Christmas Gifts. I got it love it so much. My family loves it too. I'm ordering more for Christmas Gifts this year. Yep, I order very early too.. They covered up in it the kids love it. I made my Christmas list for the Photo Blankets bigger. 5 more for Christmas..
by Monica
on 6/6/2010
Fleece Photo Blanket For Graduation 2010 - The Perfect Gift!!
I was looking for something special, when seen it, I never thought about it till I seen it on iMallShoppe. Photo Blankets, I say what? Big Selection of it so many Photo Blankets. I never thought of one before as a gift. My daughter just graduated this year. She’ll never believe her photo on a Photo Blanket. I got the one that’s 40x50 Heavyweight. I was thinking about the 30x40 for budget wise, but I really wanted my daughter to see it big. If I could not get it in time, then I go for the 30x40 one. So I got it the next week, I say what’s $10 dollars more, I just spent twenty on Sodas, fast food, snacks, fast food. My husband says; I could’ve got the 50x60 one, if I wasn’t spending it all, LOL! I wish I was rich for the big sizes but really think of the family value of a Photo Blanket as a family keepsake for my daughter, her graduation photo forever capture on a Photo Blanket for years and years, and she can pass the Photo Blanket to her future kids. I guess we sometimes forget the value on a Photo Blanket as a family keepsake. I prayed about it; I say no fast food today, no sodas, and no candy, just one day only. 10% OFF Discount coupon code help me a lot, ok, I was able to get one soda, the same soda as I order the blanket. So I say, I closed my eyes, paused a little, give me a the 40x50 heavyweight one. I liked the Fleece Photo Blanket, more colors reproduction, more realistic. After my daughter’s Graduation Party, I had the Photo Blanket on her bed, it looked very big. She came in one day and was surprised to see her photo big as a Fleece Photo Blanket so realistic. My daughter went to tears upon her face with joy, and me too. My daughter is so surprised of the Fleece Photo Blanket. I say, that’s it, that’s the gift to buy Photo Blanket, a big surprise for my girl. She loves it, maybe too much.. Thanks…
by Ragina
on 1/6/2010
My Mother Love's Her Knitted Blanket!! & I Love The Fleece Blanket!!
My Mother Love's Her Knitted Blanket!! & I Love The Fleece Blanket!!: I was surprise that had a large selection of Photo Blankets. I was lost but I did look at everyone of them, I did not think there are so many. I liked the knitted Photo Blankets, they so thick like a blanket. On the Knitted Photo Blanket, I had my Mother on it. I choose the bigger one Photo Blanket size 54x70, because I wanted my Mother to cover up in it, to get warm I wanted my Mother to sleep in it and drink coffee in it and look at TV with us. I was recommended from my sisters, they got the Fleece Photo Blankets (lightweight). Yea’ you know sisters, they talking rights, all day long. I have my family on a blanket. She got the Fleece Photo Blanket, 30x40. I asked my sister where did you get yours at. She did not want to tell me. So, auntie gave the kids some auntie money, kids tell it all. Later, my sisters told me, when I took one of there Blankets. Sister’s will talk. She received her’s two weeks before Christmas, as a Christmas Gift. So, if your ordering the Fleece Photo Blankets it takes ten day for production so give yourself some time to order it in time for Holidays or any birthday gift. The Kitted one takes 7 days to produce, in Christmas time when I ordered it took three days to produce. I got the Knitted Photo Blanket one in time for Christmas for my Mother. I wanted my Mother to be warm in it, to relax in it, to drink coffee in it and to sleep in it, so I ordered the Photo Blanket Size 54x70. She loved it, it look just like her in good detail too., now she says it’s her Blanket. My Mother loved it. I got it for my Mother, I wanted my Mother as a cherished keepsake for years. If you can not find a photo, just get a Digital Camera take the photo have it at high resolution or high mega pixel, the better. I took the photo upclose so we can see her face better on the throw. Remember, to make you Mother more happy get a Photo Blanket I also ordered the Fleece Photo Blanket Size 60x80 the heavyweight one. I wanted a big fleece Blanket. So my whole family can be all together in it, plus I have it on my bed or front room sofa. The Fleece Photo Blanket, has better photo reproduction than a Knitted Photo Blanket and I can have the whole family on it. I got it in heavy weight to make it a stronger fleece Photo Blanket, my family is rough, plus the kids, so I need it stronger too. I was going to put several photo’s on the Fleece Photo Blanket but, I wanted my family together, it make us look bigger. To me I like both the Knitted Photo Blanket and The Fleece Photo Blanket. The Knitted Photo Blanket is strong that will last for years. The Fleece Photo Blanket is strong to maybe because of the heavyweight, it’s so soft keep us warm as a family, it makes good movie days. I just reviced my Fleece Photo Blanket after New Year’s, remember I ordered it late for the Fleece Photo Blanket but I still got my Knitted Photo Blanket in time for Christmas. It’s worth it to even get the Fleece Photo Blanket even if you can not get it in time, if you ordered it late and would not make it in time for Christmas or New Years, or any Holiday. Still order it anyway. To make a Photo Blankets it takes some time to make custom gifts give it some time. If you want it for Mother Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day order early or order it late but just give it away as a extra hidden surprise after the Holidays. If you get your late because you ordered late, Photo Blankets do make big after party blowouts. As for me, I got some candles, some cake, and some songs, some soda had the family there to surprise the family, tell me, it made a big family impact too, it took the show. My sister’s ordered some more Tapestry Throws and Baby Photo Blankets.. I love the Tapestry Throws they make the perfect gift for any one, I have aunties birthday coming up. I love my Knitted Photo Blanket and Fleece Photo Blanket. My mom loves her’s too. Tweet it to your followers on Twitter & Facebook, I do all the time…
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